to my high school self,

Stag is just as fun.

For some reason, there’s this ridiculous standard that dances are for dates. Your future self is here to confirm that that is WRONG! You’re going to end up going to most of your dances stag. But hey, you are also going to have the BEST and most memorable times. It’s time to bring to life Billy Idol’s “Dancing With Myself”, because girl, dates are nice, but stag is just as fun.


Failure is inevitable.

And frankly, will be quite a pattern in your years to come. Do not be discouraged. Take these times to lean into the Father. Pray. For heart transformation, for understanding that God will use you no matter your trials and errors. Because girl, God will use you. In times that you feel alone in your failure, seek refuge in the people that the Lord has surrounded you with. The Heim family will grow to walk alongside you in life. Seek their mentorship when you need it. Most importantly, get right back up when you fall down. You are going to be just fine.

Step outside your bubble.

Graduation season is going to wreck you (in the best and most beautiful way). Your biggest regret that you’re going to repeat in the last two months of your high school career is “I wish I would have met you sooner”. I know! I know. It is so hard when you go from kindergarten to high school surrounded by all the same people. “Why even branch out?” you might ask yourself. Because—new friends have so much to offer you. They will grow you, and show you love in ways you never would have expected. Meeting new people will soon become absolutely life giving to you. Start as soon as you can. 

You do not need to have everything figured out.

 In fact, I don’t think you ever fully will. (That is the beauty of having a faithful, everlasting Father)! We tend to have this habit, you and I, of foreseeing our “perfect plan”. Honestly, I’m still working on it, and I’m two years out of high school. Girl. God is and always will be so faithful to you. It is not God’s job to align HIS plan with OURS. Let go of your reigns on control, okay? His will be done. His kingdom come. Not yours. Remember that.

Enjoy your lasts, but don’t be stuck there.

 Hahahaha, THIS one’s going to be a hard one for you. I know this, because I am still a nostalgic fool. You’re not gonna grow out of that one, by the way. Your Twitter feed is going to be plagued with “tonight is our last homecoming game” tweets. You’re going to cry, a lot (which is okay!! let yourself cry!!), because  let’s be real, your high school experience was actually incredible. And for that, I am so thankful. Allow yourself the space to be sad about all the new pages turning, but don’t dwell there. There is so much left in store. There are incredible memories ahead. Don’t miss out on the opportunities in front of you because you’re stuck mourning what was.


With love, from yours truly.

Darling Dela