Last Minute Valentine's Day Treat!

Okay, galentines day (according to parks & rec) was TODAY, and TOMORROW is Valentine's Day!! If you're reading this, you're probably just as bad at time management as I am!! But it's OKAY, BECAUSE WHY NOT CELEBRATE LOVE EVERY DAY?

Valentine's Day cookie drink toppers!

Valentine's Day cookie drink toppers!

My sis & I whipped up these quick little (edible) drink toppers to get into the festivities. So run your little heart out to Target and grab these supplies to get started.


  • Pillsbury sugar cookie dough: We bought the little pack that has pre made cookie dough in it since this was so last minute! You could also use a home made recipe if you have more time, but this was the easiest, quickest option, and still tasted delicious. 
  • Heart shaped cookie cutter
  • Milk bottles or mason jars (regular glasses work too!)
  • Milk of choice
  • Cookie tray & wax paper or tinfoil 
  • Optional: festive sprinkles, paper straws


Step 1:

Bake your cookie dough according to the package you bought it in. Our Pillsbury pre-made cookie dough spent about 14 minutes in the oven at about 250ºF. 

Step 2:

Immediately after the cookies are done baking, use your cookie cutter to create heart shapes. This must be done while the cookies are still soft and warm, otherwise they'll get harder to cut.

Step 3:

Using a knife, while the cookies are still warm (again, if they cool off it will be too hard to cut nicely), cut a small slit at the bottom of each heart cookie. It should be slightly off center.

After creating a slit at the bottom of each cookie, leave them to cool off and harden for about 20 minutes.

My sis & I were bored with the plain white color, so while the cookies were cooling we sprinkled them with pink edible heart shaped glitter (found at our local Hobby Lobby).

Step 4:

After 20 minutes, the cookies should be cooled off and firm enough to stand on their own (make sure you test it first, or else they'll crumble everywhere)! Grab your milk bottle or mason jar, fill it with the milk of your choice (we used almond because Kristen is lactose intolerant), and balance your freshly baked sweets on the edge of your drinks using the slit you created. 

VOILA! You're done! Although we're using this fun little treat to celebrate valentines day, you can follow these instructions whatever day of the year you'd like. Let's celebrate love together, ALL THE TIME.