Big Bear Mountain

I think one of the greatest things about living in California is that you can go from snowboarding, to cruising through the desert, to strolling the city, to riding the waves all in one day. Even though I live in a suburb, there are so many options for me to venture out and explore. Big bear mountain is one of the nearest to my home, and although it's no giant summit, it is still fantastically beautiful.

My friends and I often come here for short day trips with no agenda in particular. Being away from the hustle and bustle in the city is enough motivation to get me up here. I have a few friends with cabins in the area, and it's honestly the best to kick back and play some board games or watch movies on VHS. 

Although I may come up here to relax and hang around, there are also plenty of other activities to find in Big Bear as well! In the winter you can hit up the slopes, and in the spring and summer months you can come here to go fishing or beat the heat by just jumping into the lake. There's also plenty of hikes to take, and even a bowling alley!

Whether you decide on a relaxing day trip, or to get some competition on on the slopes, Big Bear is a beautiful little gem in Southern California that you must come see.

Here's to the world around us to explore,

Aubrey Dela x