Yosemite & Mammoth Mountain

After two days in the city I hopped in the jeep and we were off to the mountains. I’ve got to say.. as beautiful as San Francisco is, I was so excited to be heading to an area with more space to breathe and move.

On the agenda was to drive inland towards the mountains, pass through Yosemite, and end with our destination at Mammoth Mountains.


It was about a three or four hour drive from SF to Mammoth. Honestly, with good tunes and the beautiful view, time flies.

Northern California is like a different WORLD! There are massive trees..EVERYWHERE. The views are breathtaking. This was from a quick pull over to take some photos.

One thing I wasn’t used to is passing. Passing! It’s a thing and it’s legal (to an extent?)! The downside to traveling through these mountains is that most of the roads are only two lanes. That means if you’re stuck behind an RV that is moving at walking speed…there’s nothing you can do about it. JUST KIDDING! At certain points, the division between lanes will be broken yellow lines, and that means that if the other side is clear and you can STEP ON IT.. you can switch to the oncoming traffic lane to get in front of that slow minivan full of children. ISN’T THAT GREAT. Maybe this isn’t that cool…I was really fascinated by it.


Thanks for the beautiful vibes Yosemite! We were only with you for a hot minute, but we loved you.


Once we threw our bags into the cabin, the first thing on our agenda was to purchase some goooood food. We made a Vons and Rite Aid run and got the essentials… cereal, fruit, this inflatable frog.

Our first excursion was at Lake Mary because why not take advantage of the fact that Mammoth has a million and one different lakes! We sat on the dock for a bit and I watched as Makenna jumped in. The water was CHILLY.


Then, we made our way to the boat shack and rented a paddle board. We decided to go tandem because yo’ girl doesn’t have $50 for two!! Tandem was a bit more challenging than I thought. It may or may not have taken us five minutes just to paddle out from the dock because the wind was not working in our favor.

I was obviously serving up some Pocahontas real-ness. I also may or may not have sung colors of the wind while paddling out. Let’s be real.. I definitely did.


The scenery in mammoth was UN. REAL. Everywhere I turned looked like a painting or the default desktop photo for my MacBook. I snapped this photo on my way to the hot springs in mammoth. In order to get there, you have to off road a bit. A fun little surprise once the GPS just told us to turn right onto a nameless road.

Once we parked, this little wooden path guided us down to the hot springs. We were in the middle of no where just surrounded by mountains. There were a few little salt lakes nearby as well.

Makenna said she thought the springs were going to be lukewarm or something, but don’t be fooled! They were actually, like, steaming hot!! SCIENCE, man. It was kind of a weird feeling. Kind of squishy everywhere.  It smelt questionable, and there was a lot of moss and mud. BUT! Watching the sunset from this area was pretty dang cool.

The next day we headed back towards Yosemite, grabbed some Mexican food and set up camp at Tuolumne Meadows. Doesn’t it look like a painting?!? It was so dreamy.

I picked up a mini kite for $9.00 a few days before and so I whipped it out at this destination! People should fly kites more often!


For our final little adventure, we decided to take a hike to Rainbow Falls and then head to the top of the summit via the gondolas. On our way to the starting destination I made Makenna spontaneously pull over because this view was too good. EVERY VIEW WAS TOO GOOD.


To get to Rainbow Falls you have to take a shuttle. The shuttle takes you inland and you hop off at the starting point of your hike. The hike down was extremely easy. It’s just a bit of walking, nothing challenging. I was SO excited when we got there. I had never seen a water fall in real life before!! And there really was a rainbow!!! The only sad thing was that we weren’t allowed to go swimming in it..which I was SO ready for. Apparently falling rocks were a danger to our lives.

From there we hiked back to a catch a bus that would take us to the gondolas. The hike back was a tad tougher than the hike to the falls. It was one of those slow, gradual inclines which are the worst because you don’t realize how high up you’re hiking since it’s a slow incline..and then all of the sudden you’re winded and you don’t know why.

The gondola ride was beautiful. It might be a little daunting if you’re not one for heights, but I didn’t think it was that bad. It was rather comforting that I didn’t have to walk all the way to my destination. There’s a stop halfway where they remind you not to get out if you want to get to the top. And then, the top has THIS view..and it’s incredible. There were still a few patches of snow slowly melting away in the July heat..although it wasn’t really hot at all. The temperature changes quickly when you head up the summit, as well as the wind speed (up to 100 mph + !!!).

That was our final excursion and then we headed back down to Southern California. Even though I’m home, I haven’t stopped going. Since I got back I’ve been reuniting with friends that were gone on different vacations, and it’s been busy but so. good. Today I leave once again but this time..to the desert! I haven’t even packed yet. Oops.

Palm Springs..I’ll see you soon.

Here’s to going places.

Yours truly,

Aubrey Dela