Mt. Baldy

What a beautiful thing California is. Within 2 days I had been downtown in Los Angeles, out on the coast in Newport, and up in the mountains. Here's a little peak into my day trip up to Mt. Baldy.

Mt. Baldy, California

Mt. Baldy, California

With no agenda in particular, we ran to Newport, picked up the GOODS (thanks, sidecar!) and DROVE.

Grace found a neat look out spot so I pulled over, we grabbed some blankets & our box of donuts and made ourselves comfortable at the edge of Mt. Baldy; talking about Jesus, life, and everything in between. I CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING THAT COULD BE BETTER.

BUT GUESS WHAT. IT DID GET BETTER. Some pals from school JUST SO HAPPENED to also be driving down the mountain! They spotted us and joined the festivities. What a JOY it is that my path crossed with these wonderful humans.

Sometimes it's fun to have a set plan of your day, your trip, your whatever; exact times to be at locations, particular sights to see, eat, and enjoy. However, I encourage you to just go. One day, grab some friends and see where the wind takes you. I promise, you'll have a blast.

Here's to aimless day trips with good food & even better company.