Monochromatic: The Black Collection

I think one of my favorite things about this city is that you can stroll out in PJ's and slippers or be head to toe done up in heels and boujee makeup and no one will question either. I'm cruising the east coast for a bit, and this particular day in NYC it was cool enough out to wear all black and throw on a jacket (as I'm writing, a few days later, this it's 90 degrees and SWEATY out). 

Jacket - Forever 21

Dress - Urban Outfitters

Shoes - TOMS

Kate Spade Dessi Chester Cross Body

Kate Spade Dessi Chester Cross Body

Booties - TOMS Majorca Perforated Suede Bootie

FUN FACT: I permed my hair!! Who knew a perm could do that, huh?!