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Welcome to Darling Dela! We are two sisters, 13 years apart, walking our own unique paths through this beautiful adventure called life. Aubrey is a sophomore in college, navigating her way into young adulthood. Kristen is in her thirties, recently married (hooray!) and looking for a creative outlet now that her career is established. This blog is where we come together to share our experiences with you, dear reader. Thank you for visiting! We appreciate you and invite you to join us on our journeys. Create with us. Explore with us. Grow with us. Most importantly, enjoy every moment in between.


Meet Kristen Dela

Hello there. I am a thirty-two year old wearer of many hats. My "big girl" job is an RN (registered nurse) savin' lives on the night shift in the Emergency/Trauma setting. My other jobs include (but are not limited to): wife to a high school science teacher, Boston Terrier mom, professional coffee drinker, devourer of books and sweets, karaoke bar diva, and compulsive online shopper. I have eclectic taste in literature; feel free to send book recs my way. Classic movies are my comfort food. Play-doh is my favorite smell. I am a fan of the Oxford Comma.

Currently Working On: Wedding planning posts (tips, reviews, etc.). Finishing travel posts from Europe 2017.

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Meet Aubrey Dela


Hi! Unlike my big sis, this year marked my twentieth time around the sun. I am a student working on my B.A. in Public Relations with an emphasis in entertainment and events. I love JESUS, the color yellow, seeing the world, and a really good donut. I went four straight years without cutting my hair. If I had to eat dinner with any three men I would choose Lin-Manuel Miranda, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Barack Obama. Photographs are important to me and so are handwritten notes. I love the sound of violins, and that sound a record player makes when you first set the needle down. I am inspired by artists who are different from me. I. LOVE. JAZZ. But also need some gangster rap every once in a while, ya know? 

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Why Darling Dela? 

There are 12 cousins in the Dela Cruz clan, and at some point in our youth (around the time that having AIM screen names was The Thing), we began shortening our last names to just "Dela." I believe it started when one of our older cousins Chris told us his friends called him "Dela" for short, and it just stuck. Over the years we all attached the catchy suffix "dela" to our social media names: chrisdela, joshdela, jaydela, chelledela, jessdela, krisdela, aubreydela...and so-on. When brainstorming a name for our blog, "Dela" seemed a natural choice, since we've come to identify with that nickname as a family. We really wanted to use alliteration for the blog title...but there were only so many words that started with a "d" that resonated with us. In the end, we kept coming back to "darling." We both love darling things, darling places, darling people...and this blog is about all the things, places, and people who are darling to us.